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Sports supplement designer has history of risky products

« As athletes, scientists and fitness enthusiasts, we’re committed to delivering the best products to consumers and proud to receive this seal of approval from our customers and fans. » « Being nominated for a Bodybuilding.com Supplement Award is quite an accomplishment, » explains Bodybuilding.com CEO, Ryan DeLuca. « Nominees are the most popular brands and products on our site and the public chooses the final winners. A Bodybuilding.com Supplement Award is really the ultimate consumer vote of confidence as it means that the supplement users have deemed that brand or product the most trustworthy and effective of its kind. » MusclePharm has been nominated for the following 2013 Bodybuilding.com Awards: — Brand Of the Year – MusclePharm — Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year – Assault — Recovery Supplement of the Year – AMINO1 — Amino Supplement of the Year – AMINO1 — Multi-Vitamin Supplement of the Year – Armor-V — Supplement of the Year – Assault — Men’s Support Supplement of the Year – Battle Fuel XT — Best Overall Protein Powder of the Year – Combat Powder — Supplement of the Year – Combat Powder — Best Packaging of the Year – MP — Casein Supplement of the Year – MP CASEIN — Creatine Supplement of the Year – MP Creatine — Glutamine Supplement of the Year – MP Glutamine — RTD Supplement of the Year – MuscleGel Shot — Clothing Brand of The Year – MusclePharm Sportswear — Breakout Supplement of the Year – Z-Core — Fat-Loss Supplement of the Year – Shred Matrix Winners will be determined via an online voting system that will live on Bodybuilding.com July 15, 2013 – August 12, 2013. Results will be announced live on the Olympia Main Stage as part of Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 26-29, 2013. ABOUT MUSCLEPHARM CORPORATION: Founded in 2008 by former NFL player Brad Pyatt, MusclePharm is a healthy lifestyle company that develops and manufactures scientific and safe nutritional supplements. The company’s products are designed for Active Lifestyles who seek muscle building, weight maintenance and general fitness through an max workouts shin ohtake internationally recognized daily nutritional supplement regimen.
Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/musclepharm-scores-17-bodybuildingcom-supplement-awards-nominations-2013-07-15

In 2012,the ADS carried out in-competition testing at the 50th Singapore National Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship and found that Shaifulhaq had used the substances Drostanolone and Methylhexaenamine. Shaifulhaq was banned from competition for two years,from 6 August 2012, along with six other bodybuilders. A Review Panel comprising members from the Singapore Sports Council’s National Anti-Doping Advisory Board said Shaifulhaq showed little remorse for violating the period of ineligibility. It therefore recommended that Shaifulhaqs two-year period of ineligibility be restarted from 29 June 2013 the date of his participation in the 51st Singapore National Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship 2013. He will also be ineligible to participate as an athlete or support personnel, in any sport up to and including 28 June 2015. In addition, Shaifulhaqs results from the 2013 competition would be considered null and void. The Review Panel has also found the SBBF guilty of breaching the agreement to adopt, abide and implement the ADS Anti-Doping Rules by intentionally lifting the suspension to allow the athlete to compete.
Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/bodybuilder-shaifulhaq/763632.html

Akinwale Arobieke: Bodybuilder accused of breaking order not to squeeze men’s muscles

Prosecutor Michael Brady told the court: The complainants in this case are all young men whose physical appearance and build hold a fascination for this defendant. Mr Arobieke has had, and continues to have, an interest in bodybuilding. His interest extends beyond that which is legitimate and manifests itself in a way that we say is criminal. Order: Akinwale Arobieke It is alleged that between April and June 2011, Mr Arobieke approached a 19-year-old man on Market Street in Manchester and bumped into him before striking up a conversation. The man, now 20, told the jury Mr Arobieke followed him up towards the Triangle shopping centre. The alleged victim, giving evidence in court, said: He stopped in front of me and held out his arm, because I had stopped answering.
Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/akinwale-arobieke-bodybuilder-accused-breaking-2114211

The best iPhone apps for bodybuilding

Your email will only be used for our weekly newsletter. The best iPhone apps for bodybuilding app list by Cherry Mae Torrevillas, 30 Jul 2013 If you are into bodybuilding or want to learn more about it then check out our list of the best bodybuilding apps for your iPhone. Of course, its not enough for you to lift weights and expect that youll just turn into a Greek god overnight! Theres always a system behind it, and this app tells you where you can safely start! 46 detailed illustrations Variety of exercises targeting the most important parts of your regimen Lists all essential exercises like those for your abdominals, arms, or back Interactive manual The perfect bodybuilding system is what this app calls itself. And really, who are we to argue with that?
Source: http://www.apppicker.com/applists/5190/The-best-iPhone-apps-for-bodybuilding

Another reason why I chose Pure Garcinia Cambogia is because it is the most concentrated and purest Garcinia Cambogia on the market. This would give me the most accurate results for my test. The best thing about the extract, liked by many customers and health experts is that it doesnt cause any negative reactions in terms of side effects. Hence a faster and natural weight loss without compromising. Customers who have used it are posting positive reviews about the product and saying that they will keep using it.
Source: http://www.gameinformer.com/blogs/members/b/garciniabuycambogiajjm_blog/archive/2013/08/02/garcinia-cambogia-extract-for-burning-fat-top-secret-nutrition-bodybuilding-reviews-161-fr-235-e-b-246-ttles-to-test-effective-ness-for-yours-235-lf.aspx

Sports supplement designer has history of risky products bodybuildingwallpaper

“Crankenstein” Colangelo competing at Capital City Natural Bodybuilding Contest (Photos)

I can do this! I may be coming up on 60, but I can do this, too! He was right. Gary usually competes in his own peer group the Masters or Ultra-Masters Class for athletes 60 years of age or older and it has been his personal choice to compete only in natural bodybuilding . To take performance enhancing drugs feels like cheating to me, he says. You can’t say your own hard work and determination created your body (if you cheat). For a guy who had never won a trophy in his life, Gary is quickly making up for lost time with six trophies in his first six outings including first place in the Ultra-Masters of the 2012 NGA Natural Mr. California and first place in the Ultra-Masters in both the 2012 and 2013 NANBF California Natural Muscle Mayhem .
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/crankenstein-colangelo-competing-at-capital-city-natural-bodybuilding-champion

Bodybuilding icon Joe Weider dies in Los Angeles at 93

Kevin, 33, was a late comer to bodybuilding , not competing until April 2012 when he entered and won his first contest, the novice B class at the Spring NGA Northwest Natural Pro Atlas in Boise. Just five months later on October 2 – he earned his NGA pro card by capturing the overall open class at the Fall NGA Northwest Natural Pro Atlas . And, on July 13, he swept the field at Muscle Mayhem in Sacramento in dramatic fashion to earn his IFPA pro card under the tutelage of the extraordinary team at 3DMuscle Journey and coaches Alberto (The Ivory Latino) Nunes , Jeff Alberts, Brad Loomis , and Eric Helms . Kevin Riley – rising new bodybuilding star on the horizon Photo credit: Havre, MT 48.55286026001 ; -109.67096710205 A Montana native, Kevin has been a switchman for the BNSF Railway Company in Havre since 2005. He was born in nearby Whitefish (pop 6357 and only 254 miles from Havre as the crow flies) and has always been physically active, generally preferring outdoor activities such as downhill skiing, hunting, river rafting, and fly fishing to hunkering down in the gym.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/pro-bodybuilder-kevin-riley-muscling-his-way-to-the-top

Garcinia Cambogia Extract For Burning Fat|Top Secret Nutrition Bodybuilding Reviews!¡ [Frëe Böttles To Test Effective.ness For Yoursëlf]

The two friends, both grandfathers, were the oldest of nearly 250 competitors at the event, and agreed age is no roadblock to getting in shape. Campbell, a personal trainer, started bodybuilding in his 50s. « You’re never too old, » he told Oregon’s KVAL-13 . « Bodybuilding keeps me healthy. » kval.com Campbell and Huard take a break from flexing to engage in some friendly banter backstage. Heres where [age] works to our advantage – its because were mature, weve been through all the testosterone spurts, were having fun and its keeping us really healthy, said Huard, a supplement store owner.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/bodybuilding-grandpas-old-show-muscle-article-1.1351444

Pro bodybuilder Kevin Riley muscling his way to the top (Video)

« This is going to haunt me for years to come, » he said. Driven Sports, which sells Craze, denies the product contains amphetamines. (Photo: G.J. McCarthy for USA TODAY) Riches said Craze was the likely source based on the similarity of the stimulant found in his body and what’s been found by others in samples of Craze. He said the other supplements he used around the time of the competition were ones he had taken previously without any problem.
Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/07/25/bodybuilding-supplement-designer-matt-cahill-usa-today-investigation/2568815/

« Very few people can claim to have influenced as many lives as Joe did through his magazines, his supplements, his training equipment and his big-hearted personality. » Born in a tough neighborhood of Montreal in 1920, Weider began lifting weights as a teenager to stand up to bullies and older boys before competing in his first bodybuilding contest at the age of 17, according to a biography provided by Parker. He started his first magazine, Your Physique, in the early 1940s and with his younger brother Ben rented Montreal’s Monument National Theater to host the first Mr Canada contest during that same decade. The two brothers also founded the International Federation of Bodybuilders and in 1965 Weider created the Mr Olympia competition, the sport’s premiere bodybuilding contest. Weider met Schwarzenegger at a bodybuilding contest in Europe and convinced him to move from his native Austria to the United States to seek wider recognition. « He saw a lot in Arnold, » Parker said. « He felt that the sport needed a star and right away he could see that Arnold was something special. » Schwarzenegger, then nicknamed the « Austrian Oak, » first gained fame by winning a string of Mr Olympia titles in the early 1970s before going on to a successful career in such films as « The Terminator » and « Total Recall. » He was elected governor of California in 2003 and served two terms before retiring from politics.
Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/03/23/entertainment-us-usa-weider-idUSBRE92M0ED20130323

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